Kiss Day Wishes : Happy Kiss Day Love Quotes 

I don't wish to steal you from the world, but I wish to be your world!

I also have a story of love, There is also a treasure of love in it, so I want to kiss you, And today there is an excuse to ask.

Love you every day, miss you every day, I miss you every day and kiss you today

Now my heart only wants you, This gets lost in your memories, There is such a fire of love in her, I want to kiss your lips

After kissing my lips she said in a tone, Tell me the truth, you have other desires in your heart, that's it

She said angrily, why are you complaining about us only? We bowed our heads and said, All our hopes are from you only

I am like a broken glass in his hands, It is enough that he does not let me fall apart

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